Quality and environment

Solutions and
Energy alternatives

We provide solutions and energy alternatives to individual and industrial customers to take advantage of energy resources that nature offers us, green i renewed to replace or minimize the energy dependence of non-renewable funding and contribute to improving the environment around us.

We believe that is not an option but yes an obligation to do all in our hands to reduce energy consumption, and we need to obtain the most economical and less aggressive to the environment.

As described above, MATEU NIERGA S.L. is certified UNE-EN-ISO 14001/2008 environmental quality. In this way we establish the methodology to be as neat as possible to the environment

Certifications and
Quality Controls

To ensure customer satisfaction in work well done, MATEU NIERGA S.L. opted to get quality certification ISO-9001/2008.

The controls imposed on us obtaining and passing of this law requires us to establish strict quality controls that result in an additional guarantee for our customers.

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